A Palestinian Mural (USA/Palestine, 2007, 12 min, DVD)

By : Norma Shiheiber

Screens: Saturday, October 18, 1pm


Two years ago, students from the SFSU branch of the General Union of Palestine Students (GUPS) set out to have a mural depicting Palestinian culture in the Diaspora displayed on their Student Union. When the student governing board approved the mural, SF State President Robert Corrigan placed an immediate moratorium on all new murals at the student center, effectively vetoing the students’ decision. This film is about the Palestinian students’ journey in getting such a mural approved and displayed on the SFSU student union. The mural is the only one of its kind on any U.S. university campus or public institution, and the students honor their Palestinian heritage and change themselves forever.

Director’s Bio:

Norma Shiheiber was the first born in the United States to a Palestinian Family who was forced out of Jaffa, Palestine in 1948. Her family’s history of exile, displacement and oppression has shaped her as a human being and strikes at the core of her passions. She studied Journalism at SFSU. A Palestinian Mural is her first film.