The Path of Most Resistance (UK/Germany/USA, 2008, 47 minutes; PAL DigiBeta)

By: Gareth Keogh

Screens: Thursday, October 18, 10am


With major operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, the US army is not keen to let go of any soldiers. But there are those who willingly signed up and then turned to religion or pacifism, and decided they could no longer fight in any war. Filmed for Aljazeera International’s flagship Witness program, The Path of Most Resistance follows the journey of two ex-servicemen, both of whom applied for conscientious objectors status and requested to leave the service. Only one was successful. The film follows the pacifist “underground railroad” to document the soldiers’ transformation from trained killers to pacifists. Why did they join in the first place and what are the consequences of trying to get out?

Post-screening Discussion: Wes Davey, President of Iraq Veterans against War (MN), will lead a post-screening discussion.

Director’s Bio:

Gareth Keogh is a freelance editor and documentary cameraman who worked in broadcast for over eight years. The Path of Most Resistance is his directorial debut. He is co-director of the film’s production company Tourist with a Typewriter Ltd.