Special Events

Thursday, October 16

7pm - Opening film El Ayel: A Muslim Childhood (Morocco, 2005, 83 min, 35mm, Moumen Smihi, dir.)

OPENING RECEPTION (sponsored by Holyland Deli)

Friday, October 17

7pm - Slingshot Hip Hop (Palestine/USA, 2008, 87 minutes, DigiBeta, Jackie Reem Salloum, dir.) + Q&A with director and the Palestinian DAM crew.

Saturday, October 18

10am - The Path of Most Resistance (UK/Germany/USA, 2008, 47 minutes; PAL DigiBeta, Gareth keogh, dir.) + Q&A with Wes Davey, President of Iraq Veterans Against War (MN Chapter).

4pm - Meeting Resistance (USA/Iraq, 2007, 84 min, DigiBeta, Molly Bingham and Steve Connors, dirs.) + Q&A with directors.

9pm – **DAM concert (with DJ K-Salaam)** at the Cedar Cultural Center Featured in Jackie Salloum’s Slingshot Hip Hop, DAM are the rising stars of Palestinian Hip Hop. Come see them perform LIVE, on the fringe of the film festival, with international Hip Hop producer, Iranian American DJ K-Salaam.

For Tickets, call 612-338-2674 ext 2, or online at: http://www.thecedar.org/mizna_presents_dam.

Co-sponsored by the Loft Literary Center and Meeting Minnesota Muslims.

Sunday, October 19

10am – Woman is Courage (France/Algeria, 2003, 58 min, Video, Amine Rachedi, dir.) + Q&A with Professor Patricia Lorcin author of Imperial Identities: Stereotyping, Prejudice and Race in Colonial Algeria.

4pm - Detroit Unleaded (USA/Lebanon, 2007, 25 min, 16mm, Rola Nashef, dir.) + Q&A with director.

7pm - Closing film – Cinéma Arabe: État des Lieux (France/Algeria, 2006, 50 min, DVD, Nasser Eddine Benalia, dir.) + Q&A with director.

(sponsored in part by Babylon Cafe and
Dunn Bros. Coffee)