Adieu Mères(Morocco, 115 minutes, 35mm)

By: Mohamed Ismail

Screens: Saturday, October 18, 7pm


The time is 1960, the place is Morocco. The year is marked by waves of Jewish immigrants leaving in large numbers influenced by Israeli immigration services. Adieu Mères relates the story of co-existence between two Moroccan families – one Jewish and the other Muslim. Destiny will cruelly separate one family, leaving a noble mission to accomplish for the other. The passionate bond between young couples from different religious backgrounds will be trounced by traditional parents. One man is ready to sell his business, pick up and leave so that he can be with his loved ones. A rabbi refuses to be uprooted… A devastating and incredible nostalgia grips families on a journey of uncertain adventures. All of this is awash and dominated with the insecurity of what tomorrow holds. Only the courage and generosity of hearts can attenuate this psychosis. Acted by an international cast, the film confronts the human element within the historical facts retracing the events known as the “Black Years of Emigration.” This is the first time that the Moroccan cinema has dealt with this part of our Arab/Muslim history.

Director’s Bio:

Mohamed Ismail was born in Morocco and attended law school in Rabat in the 1970s.
He worked for the national television of Morocco producing many films and television shows. He directed documentaries like The Things of Life and History of Islamic Sites in Morocco. His fiction films include Here and There, Pourquoi Pas, and Adieu Mères.