(United Arab Emirates, 2008, 73 min)


By : Saleh Karama

Screens: Saturday, March 13th, 5:30pm


For eight-year-old Henna, life has become difficult since her mothers illness, causing her father to divorce. When her Bedouin relative arrives into the burgeoning fishing town, he brings back nostalgic memories amongst the local fishermen, and new fascinations for the children. But when two teenagers steal his precious camels, the party is soon over. The Bedouin spends the night pacing through the dark alleys looking for his camels and, disappointed by daybreak, travels back into the desert. Fortunately a recent school trip leaves Henna with a new fascination: the magical world inside the recently built shopping mall.

Director’s Bio:

Saleh Karama has produced some of the most original theatre from the Arab world over the last 15 years. He has published several novels. His first short film, Mirror, (2003, 5 mins) was screened at the Tehran International Short film festival. He has since written several feature film scripts, including the original screenplay for Soul Carriage (2007, 88 mins), winner of the Best New Director Award at San Sebastian 2007. He directed a mini feature Time Left (2003, 40 mins), which won the Prix de Jury at Emirates Film Festival.