(Egypt, 2009, 10 min)


By : Hisham Saqr

Screens: Sunday, March 14th, 5pm


When a brother and sister, two Egyptian young adults experience sex outside the boundaries of society's acceptance and approval , they have to confront their personal beliefs and social value system...
they find themselves caught up in a web of multiple standards, lies and hypocrisy. The ultimate test for morality is an easily replaceable piece of flesh but no one seems to admit that.

Director’s Statement:

When the world of fiction films reinstated my love for the camera and became a venue through which I could explore the realistic style and serious subject matter characteristic with the magic and playfulness of fictional storytelling.
"Bekara" I tried to explore an alternative language to tell my story. I worked with whatever was available – people that were willing to work for free, locations I could shoot for free. I matched my imagination to my abilities, thus I oftentimes had to alter and simplify my scenes.