Remnants Of A War
(USA, 2009, 76 min)

Remnants Of A War

By : Jawad Metni

Screens: Saturday, March 13th, 3pm



REMNANTS OF A WAR is an intimate portrait of the Lebanese men and women who are clearing their land of unexploded cluster munitions. Hundreds of thousands of these deadly munitions remain after the 2006 war between Israel and Hezbollah, killing and maiming civilians long after the conict. Director Jawad Metni spent two years embedded with these teams to capture their lives, their dangerous work, and their struggle to make a living under extraordinarily fragile political and economic conditions. The lm is a primer on the cluster munition problem, and a non-partisan look at a people working to return the land to their fellow Lebanese.

Director’s Bio:

Jawad Metni has worked in documentary film and television for over 15 years as a cinematographer, producer, editor and director. His credits include “The Plutonium Circus” (1995), “Hell House” (2001), “Downwind” (2001), “Trading with the Enemy” (2003), and “Rumble in Mumbai” (2004). Since 2004, he has worked as as a producer and editor for various projects for PBS and the History Channel. He lives and works in New York.