We Will Live To See These Things
(Usa, 2007, 47 min)

We Will Live To See These Things

By : Julia Meltzer and David Thorne

Screens: Saturday, March 13th, 12pm


We will live to see these things is a documentary video in five parts about competing visions of an uncertain future.
Shot in 2005/06 in Damascus, Syria, the work combines fiction and non-fiction.
Each section of the piece--the chronicle of a building in downtown Damascus, an interview with a dissident intellectual, documentation of an equestrian event, the fever dream of a U.S. policymaker, and a portrait of a Qur'an school for young girls--offers a different perspective on what might come to pass in a place where people live between the competing forces of a repressive regime, a growing conservative Islamic movement, and intense pressure from the United States.