film still

City of Life

By: Ali F. Mostafa
(UAE, 2009, 89 min)

Screens: Saturday, November 12th, 7pm


Three lives are about to collide in Dubai: a privileged, young, male Emirati at odds with his cultural identity awakens to the sacrifices of brotherly friendship; a disillusioned Indian taxi driver, who bears an uncanny resemblance to a Bollywood star, finds his unexpected calling; a former Romanian ballet dancer turned flight attendant searches for love in an illusory world. City of Life is an urban drama that tracks the various intersections of a multi-ethnic cast, examining how random interactions and their consequences can irrevocably impact another’s life. This is the biggest film production from the United Arab Emirates to date.

Director's Bios:

Ali F. Mostafa has worked on short films and commercials. His graduation film Under the Sun has been named best foreign film in various international festivals and won Best Film in the 2006 Emirates Film Competition. Mostafa was named Best Emirati Filmmaker at the Dubai International Film Festival in 2007, and Digital Studio magazine named him 2010 Young Filmmaker of the Year with his feature debut City of Life.