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Critical/Creative: Bimonthly Meetups
Calling all Arab American, Muslim, East African, West African, West Asian and other creatives looking to connect with peers. Join Mizna and a collective of diverse organizations for the fourth bimonthly Critical/Creative on December 14th! This informal meetup is for people interested in gathering to build community and supporting one another during this challenging political time. Though not exclusive, this will be a space for folks from the local Arab, East African, West Africa and Muslim communities and the larger West Asian and Middle East, North Africa (MENA) regions to connect with others and build cross-collaborations. This will also be a place to get to know the organizations and resources that exist in our community. All are welcome!

Next C/C
Thursday, December 14, 7pm
Mizna HQ (2446 University Ave, Ste 115, St. Paul, MN 55114)
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