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Queens of Syria: A Film and Fundraiser Against the Muslim Ban
Mizna and the Trylon microcinema team up to bring Yasmin Fedda's award-winning documentary, Queens of Syria (synopsis below), to the Twin Cities in May. The special screening is sponsored by the local Committee in Solidarity with the People of Syria (CISPOS).

The event is part of the Seventh Art Stand, a nationwide series of films presented by movie theaters and community centers across the U.S. as an act of cinematic solidarity against Islamophobia. In May 2017, dozens of national screenings will showcase films from the countries affected by the Muslim Ban.

Tickets are $8 in advance or at the door. Purchase here.
All proceeds will be donated to the Syrian American Medical Society, a nonprofit organization that represents thousands of Syrian-American medical professionals in the U.S. and assists Syrian refugees in need.

Directed by Yasmin Fedda, Queens of Syria is a documentary that tells the story of fifty Syrian women living in exile in Jordan. In 2013, they came together to create and perform their own version of The Trojan Women, an Ancient Greek tragedy about the importance of women's voices during war. What followed was an extraordinary moment of connection across millennia. The women, refugees of Syria's ongoing war, find their own stories reflected in the play's narrative about queens, princesses, and everyday women uprooted, enslaved, and bereaved by the Trojan War. The performance provides the Syrian women with the space to express their experience of loss, exile, and even hope in the face of war. The screening will be preceded by two short films: Jude Chehab's Thyme (Lebanon, 2016) and Warith Kwaish's Nation Without a Homeland (Syria/Iraq, 2015).

Queens of Syria trailer from Yasmin Fedda on Vimeo.