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Mizna, Volume 9, Issue 2
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With contributions from Taous Khazem, Pauline Kaldas, William Nour, Badria Jazairi, Kathryn Kysar, Lisa Adwan, John Asfour, Athir Shayota, R. Abusahan, Weam Namou-Yatooma, Hedy Habra, Laila Halaby, Mary Taddia, Jen March, Marian Haddad, Teresa Whitman, and Layla Dowlatshahi.
Mizna, Volume 9, Issue 2
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Mama Versus Taramain

My Company

Why She's Unaware

Green Figs and Cherries

A Respectable Wife


Small Kindnesses


Losing My Father

Olive Tree


2017 Arab Film Fest Awards

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Mizna is a Twin Cities non-profit arts organization that promotes contemporary expressions of Arab American culture. We publish the literary journal Mizna: Prose, Poetry and Art Exploring Arab America, produce the Twin Cities Arab Film Festival, and offer varied other readings, performances, art projects, and community events involving an exceptionally talented and diverse range of local, national, and international Arab American artists.

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